MECHANISM OF ACTION: the principle of ESTERSIL action is to form an impermeable film at the liquid-gas interface, thus increasing surface tension and preventing the formation of gas bubbles, i.e. foam.

ESTERSIL increases the usable capacity of the equipment and reduces the loss of time. At the same time, the working conditions become almost ideal. As a result, the entire technological process becomes as economical and highly productive as possible.

COMPATIBILITY: compatible with all herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, biopreparations, microfertilizers and growth-stimulating agents approved for use in Ukraine.

PRODUCT CONSUMPTION RATE: when used before preparing the working solution 50 – 100 ml per 1000 litres of solution, depending on the expected level of foaming. Fill the tank ¼ full with water, then add ESTERSIL.

PACKAGE: 5 litres.


  • ⬛ Has low surface tension;
  • ⬛ Insoluble in foam medium;
  • ⬛ Has easy emulsification.