MECHANISM OF ACTION: the product solution applied on the pods creates a polymeric membrane that cannot be washed away by rain and prevents the seeds from cracking and popping. The film is very elastic and can be stretched along the growth of the pod.

PRODUCT CONSUMPTION RATE: 1.0 l/ha (without desiccants), 0.5 l/ha (with full rate of desiccant application).

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TREATMENTS: 1 application 14 days before harvest collection.

WORKING SOLUTION CONSUMPTION RATE: usually the product treatment is made by air with use of at least 50 l/ha of the working fluid. When the preparation is applied, the seeds in the pods mature evenly within two weeks, after which it is possible to collect harvest.

PACKAGE: 5 litres.


  • ⬛ Highly effective and long-lasting action;
  • ⬛ Does not make any toxicity on the crop;
  • ⬛ Safe for bees and the environment;
  • ⬛ Already in one hour after application is not washed away by rain;
  • ⬛ Highly cost-effective and reliable in application.

For maximum effect it is advisable to use ESTERGLU at the beginning of ripening, when the first signs of ripening are shown, namely if half of the pods have changed colour from dark green to light green. It is possible to control shedding if the pods (although yellow, still raw and flexible) do not have parchment-like structure and can be bent into a circle without cracking.