MECHANISM OF ACTION: ESTERFREEZ has two basic roles: the FIRST – it is a surface active substance (surfactant), the SECOND – it contains polysilicon acid. The silicon in ESTERFREEZ has very important functions in plants. Its role increases significantly under unfavourable environmental conditions. The presence of silica in the cell walls of plants increases their strength, e.g. in grain crops it is resistant to lodging. Silica increases frost-resistance, heat and drought resistance, and the intensity of photosynthesis, and promotes active growth of root system and leaf apparatus. It participates in nucleic, protein, carbohydrate and phenolic metabolism, stimulates phosphorylation and other cellular processes, as well as protein and carbohydrate transport. It increases the activity of enzymes involved in redox processes.

PRODUCT CONSUMPTION RATE: 0,2-0,25% of concentration.

WORKING SOLUTION CONSUMPTION RATE: gardens: 400-800 l/ha; vegetables and field crops: 200-300 l/ha.

PACKAGE: 5 litres.


  • ⬛ Reduces leaf temperature to 4°C, increasing drought resistance;
  • ⬛ Improves the intensity to photosynthesis of plants;
  • ⬛ Promotes frost and heat resistance of the plants.